Radiofrequency spectrum

The radiofrequency spectrum is a limited public resource, which has a crucial social, cultural and economic value. Radiofrequency spectrum is used to provide various publicly significant services and functions, for example, radio and television broadcasting, public and private mobile communications, fixed and satellite communications, aviation, shipping, rescue service, state defense, police and emergency aid communications, etc. Radiofrequency management is a precondition for the existence of many sectors of national economy and  ensuring of public order and safety. Providing of electromagnetic compatibility service results in reduction of public safety threats, which may be caused by deterioration or interruption of wireless communication network activity.

About ECO

The Electronic Communications Office of Latvia is a Customer-oriented organization, which renders high quality services up to state-of-the-art standards. Its competences encompass providing quality management of limited resources (radiofrequency spectrum and numbering), creating preconditions for the development of electronic communication market, harmonizing (synchronizing) the interests of the government, community and individual Customers, while  keeping in mind the legitimate wishes of  each Customer.

ECO is performing the assignment of radiofrequencies by providing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) services to the usersof the frequency spectrum. 

ECO is operating under the conditions of natural monopoly, but is prioritizing application of operational principle equal to those utilized by the private sector, efficient use and management of resources. It ensures the implementation of high safety standards, using innovations and making efficient investments in infrastructure and technological equipment.


ECO operation is based on:

  • Experience of the company in the field of radiofrequency spectrum management;
  • Professionalism of personnel. The employees are its  vital strategic resource, ensuring quality of operational performance, creating and developing the values of ECO corporate culture;
  • Sustainable development. Sustainable and responsible development of the company is essential for encouraging the ability of ECO to efficiently implement the statutory competences in accordance with ITU recommendations and to ensure competition in this sector at the international level. The quality of ECO services is based upon and determined by state-of-the-art infrastructure, efficiency of internal process organization, as well as qualification and experience of its personnel.

By taking care of the Customers and sustainability of the company, ECO is improving the quality of legally regulated services  initiating amendments to the laws and regulations in the telecommunication sector in cooperation with governmental and nongovernmental Latvian and international organizations that render commercial services. The company is  actively working on the introduction of new commercial services, as well as on the improvement of  the available material-technical facilities on a regular basis. 

ECO considers cooperation with community and electronic communication sector actors as a  principal condition for its successful operation.