Business model

ECO business model is based on 5 services:

Management of radiofrequency spectrum and provision of EMC

ECO is managing the radiofrequency spectrum in Latvia.

The task of radiofrequency management is to ensure availability of radiofrequencies and EMC of radio equipment, which is a number of administrative and technical measures, including radiofrequency planning, radio monitoring, measurements of equipment parameters, preventing unsanctioned use of the spectrum and interferences in operation of radio equipment, development of proposals for laws and regulations, international cooperation and frequency coordination.

The international cooperation in radiofrequency management is especially important, since the use and priorities of the frequency spectrum tend to have major difference between countries. ECO represents the interests of radiofrequency spectrum users in possibility of quality electronic communications and in access to frequency spectrum resources by participating in the communication industry major international institutions, which work on the international regulations and technical documentation development (decisions, recommendations, reports, transnational frequency coordination agreements, etc.).  

By providing services to the Customers, ECO takes part in maintaining of a stable environment of the electronic communication services market and in promoting of the development of new electronic communication technologies and new electronic services. 


The payment for the rendered EMC provision services is determined by applying a self-financing model in accordance with an ECO public paid service price-list, which is developed in cooperation with the electronic communication industry associations and responsible ministries and approved by the Cabinet.

The radio communication development is a continuous process, as well as the management of radiofrequencies.


Reviewing and accepting of technical designs for installation of electronic communication network antennas, radio equipment, broadcast transmitters or mobile communication base stations

ECO accepts or refuses technical designs for the installation of electronic communication network antennas, radio equipment, broadcast transmitters and mobile communication base stations. The acceptance means that the technical design contains all the documents and approvals specified in the laws and regulations, as well as technical solutions for the radio equipment installation to meet EMC requirements.

The acceptance of a technical design is a compulsory condition before the installation of an electronic communication network, if radio the equipment and antenna are installed in a real estate that is owned by another person.

The electronic communication network installation in accordance with an accepted technical design is a pre-condition for ensuring requirements in regard to the safety, health, EMC, environmental management, property rights and other requirements. 

Upon reviewing and accepting of submitted designs, ECO complies with the requirements of the laws and regulations, ensures a quick review of documents, provides a comprehensive consulting to the Customers, ensures the accuracy and correctness of decisions, resolves and prevents problem situations.

The charge for reviewing and acceptance of installation projects is determined by applying of a self-financing model in accordance with an ECO public paid service price-list.


Management and provision of numbering

ECO manages the numbering in the electronic communication industry, maintaining a numbering database for management purposes and ensuring any service related to the provision of access to the information in this database and the processing thereof. The service target audience is merchants, who have received the rights to use numbering, the Public Utilities Commission, as well as the Information centre of the Ministry of Interior.


Commercial services

In addition to ensuring of the state delegated tasks and functions, ECO offers commercial services, based on the use of the existing material-technical resources, databases, knowledge and experience. The offered commercial services have different target audiences.

ECO offers the following commercial services:

1. Training in use of radiofrequency spectrum

ECO conducts training in the radiofrequency spectrum planning and use, as well as the electromagnetic compatibility provision. 

2. Training of radio amateurs

ECO provides a theoretical and practical training of perspective radio amateurs with the possibility to choose individual training parts:

  • General introduction to the radio amateurism and the amateur radio communications;
  • Practical training at the ECO collective amateur radio station;
  • Consulting on a radio amateur exam and taking the exam as test. 

3. Planning of radio communication

ECO performs the determination of communication route technical parameters, the design of radio communication networks, determining the installation height of the direct visibility theoretical antennas of radio communications and determining the technical parameters required for radio communications (transmitter power, antenna parameters). 

4. Radio signal EMF intensity measurements

ECO determines the EFM intensity or “radio signal level” caused by a specific radio signal source at the site, several sites or at the area specified by the Customer.

5. Measurements with specialized equipment

Upon request of the Customer, ECO specialists perform various measurements, using calibrated professional measuring equipment. 

6. Radio equipment identification (on building roofs, communication towers and poles)

Upon request of the Customer (person owning, possessing or managing a real estate property), ECO performs a facility inspection, detecting and identifying the radio equipment installed at the facility, establishing its ownership and the activity conformity to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.  

7. Studies within framework of various projects

Within the framework of its competence, ECO provides an expert opinion for the purposes of various research projects.

8. Seminars (paid and free of charge)

Within the framework of its competence, ECO organizes seminars for various target audiences: mobile operators, state institutions, students, etc.